Analyzing Andy Roddick's shot through photographs

You've seen the video of Andy Roddick's spectacular, tournament-winning shot against Milos Raonic, now take a look at the still photographs which capture the greatness of the point even better:

In the video clip it all happens so fast that you don't get a chance to appreciate how tough the get was for Roddick. A few points earlier, Roddick charged for a ball at the net but hit it after it bounced for a second time. The chair umpire didn't see the second bounce and it ended up not mattering because Raonic easily returned Roddick's shot for a winner. Watching this match live, it appeared that this was going to be the same sort of shot, one that Roddick might be able to reach but one he wouldn't be able to control.

Look where the ball is in this picture. It's not more than 18 inches off the court and is dropping fast. (Also, note the concentration on his face. Roddick's eyes are locked in on the ball.)

Roddick's body is momentarily parallel to the court. It looks like he's on the pommel horse.

This is the end result of what happens when you're momentarily parallel to the court. The shot of Roddick's thinning hair caused a lot of conversation yesterday (Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon mentioned it on "PTI") but not here because I believe in hair karma. Plus, why is it acceptable to poke fun at a man's bald spot? Shouldn't that be covered by the PC police? I'm starting to sound like Larry David, so I'll move on.

"I was like, ‘No, there's no way that went in.'"

"I guess it did."

The expression of the ball boy in the last two pictures is priceless. His mouth is agape in both shots. Maybe somebody in Memphis was as surprised as Roddick.

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