Advantage, Murray? 105 degree temps in forecast for men's final

The good news: On Sunday, Novak Djokovic will play in his second straight Grand Slam final.

The bad news: Temperatures in Melbourne are expected to hit 105 degrees that day.

The alright news: The match won't begin until 7:30 local time, 66 minutes before sunset. Meaning, it'll still be hot when Nole and Andy Murray take the court (a little under 90 degrees) but not sweltering.

It's not the best-case scenario for Djokovic, who isn't at his best in the heat, but the fact that the match won't start during the hottest hours may provide some mental benefit for the Serb. His problems in the high temperatures start with his breathing problems but seem to be compounded by his reaction to said problems. The physical issue begets a mental one.

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