Uruguay has wrong national anthem played before Copa America opener

Uruguay's players stood and listened to the Chile national anthem before Sunday's game.

If there's one thing you would think Copa America Centenario organizers would get right, it's playing the correct national anthems before the game.

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Whoever was in charge of the pre-game audio Sunday at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Ariz., only got half of the job right.

After Mexico reveled in its national anthem, Uruguay had to listen to the national anthem of Chile blaring through the stadium's PA system. It explained the confused looks on the faces of the Uruguayans.

Copa America Centenario tweeted an apology from the local organizing committee in Glendale during halftime of the Mexico-Uruguay game.

As far as mishaps for an international sporting event go, Sunday's blunder is far from Sochi Olympics levels. But still. Playing the wrong national anthem? Especially when you're trying to show that you're worthy of hosting the 2026 World Cup? It's an unacceptable gaffe.