Zlatan Ibrahimovic works on his weapons proficiency at PSG training

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

While his teammates were getting excited about facing Barcelona in the Champions League quarterfinals (except Christophe Jallet, who was apparently devastated), Zlatan Ibrahimovic was out wielding training poles like as if they were Zeus's thunderbolts. Or Berbatov's javelin.

Since Ibrahimovic won't be able to take part in the first leg of the tie as he finishes serving out his two-match ban for a challenge on Valencia's Andres Guardado, he will be forced to concentrate his ponytailed wrath into a hellacious second leg at the Camp Nou. Where he played just one contentious season with Barca before joining Milan and getting knocked out of the Champions League quarterfinals by the Catalans last season.

Of course, with failed Zlatan tamer Pep Guardiola gone, the match-up won't have quite the same edge for Ibrahimovic. But back in October, Lionel Messi told France Football that he didn't think PSG could go very far in the Champions League this season. He said:

"It reminds me of Manchester City. It's not easy to build a team when the players come from everywhere. I don't know if Paris can compete with the biggest European teams already this season. That sounds difficult to me."

Messi's statement is certainly reasonable, but Zlatan will surely want to prove him wrong anyway. Just look into his eyes in the picture below and tell me he isn't ready to dance...

As creepy as that expression is, at least he isn't pointing in the general direction of his next target with a glove soaked in the blood of David Beckham's chauffeur and a confident grin that telepathically intones the phrase "I Zlee you." Because that would be trouble.

That's it. Zlatan's comin' (after he serves out his ban). Until then, watch out for his training poles.

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