Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s wonder-goal boots are being given away for charity

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

After his brilliant fourth goal against England, for the first time ever, the overwhelming praise Zlatan Ibrahimovic heard outside his head came close to matching the overwhelming praise he hears inside his head. But that hasn't stopped Zlatan from helping out his teammates and the good causes they champion.

Since Zlatan does not need his boots to execute footballing perfection, he gave the pair he wore in his destruction of England to Sweden teammate Jonas Olsson so Olsson can give them away to one lucky person, picked at random, who donates money to help care for premature babies. Yes, before they become religious artifacts to Zlatanists of the future, they can, potentially, be yours.

From Olsson's JustGiving page:

Me and my partner Frida have set this up to reach awareness of premature births. It´s very close to our hearts as our beloved daughter Iris Annabelle was born 7 weeks early.

The care, help and support we received from our local hospital was truly amazing and we wish this for everyone cooping with the same situation.

To help promote the cause I will regulary auction some of my personal football items such as shirts, shoes etc. I will use my twitter account @J_OlssonViasat to notify everyone when the items are ready for donations. All donations are made through this page. Minimum £5 donations and I will randomly pick a winner (please leave twitter details or email address with donations). The target is to raise £10.000. When we have reached £5.000 I will match that to make it a total £10.000.

If you do decide to donate and you do end up winning Zlatan's boots, I just hope you are ready for the great power that comes with them. Good luck.

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