Zlatan Ibrahimovic tosses ball off Faroe Islands goalkeeper’s face

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored both goals in Sweden's 2-0 World Cup qualifier win against the Faroe Islands, but he felt their incessant complaining to the referee throughout the match required further punishment. At one point during the match, Zlatan spoke to the referee with Faroe Islands defender Atli Gregersen. Goalkeeper Gunnar Nielsen decided to approach the trio to add his thoughts, but Zlatan shut him up before he could say anything by casually tossing the ball off his face without looking.

Ibrahimovic was lucky not to get booked for the incident, benefiting from the fact that the ref was distracted by his notebook. Of course, if the referee did try to show him a yellow card, he probably would've just thrown the ball off his face next. Such is the wrath of Zlatan.

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