Zlatan Ibrahimovic stressed by scooters chasing him around Paris

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Since Zlatan Ibrahimovic is rarely one to shy away from the spotlight, some people wondered whether he would resent the arrival of David Beckham at PSG. In their short time together, the two have gotten along swimmingly, though. And one of the reasons Ibrahimovic appreciates Beckham is because of his ability to serve as a diversion to the media and unexpectedly persistent scooter riding Parisians that have kept Zlatan from walking around Paris.

From Sky Sports:

"I think it's good for me that Beckham came so he gets more attention than me, so they leave me a little bit alone," Sweden international Ibrahimovic said.

"When I came here, everybody said 'don't worry, as a football player you can walk in the city and nobody will disturb you. Because as a football player here, it is not like it is in Italy'.

"But since the day, I came here it's been totally stressful. Everybody is chasing me with their scooters; I don't even walk in the streets.

"When David came, he got more of the media attraction, so that's good because he takes care of that and I can play football, focus on football."

It seems unthinkable that the scooter gangs of Paris would scare Zlatan from walking the streets, but if he beats them all with their own Vespas then he would have to pay damages and attend a bunch of funerals and it would just be a great big hassle. So, thank heaven for David Beckham.

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