Zlatan Ibrahimovic signs off from Euro 2012 with a spectacular goal

Sweden proved to be a great disappointment in its first two group stage matches, which allowed it to book its trip home even before it took the pitch against France. And with the pressure off, Sweden actually played more in line with original expectations, beating France 2-0 to help prevent its opponent from winning Group D.

And while all of that is a lovely way to end a failed Euro appearance on a positive note, Zlatan Ibrahimovic needed a bit more than just that. Intent on showing Euro 2012 what it will be missing once he goes home, Zlatan opened scoring in the 54th minute with a booming, off-balance volley at the top of the box that buried the ball into the bottom corner of the net. With that kick, Zlatan, who has a black belt in Taekwondo, may have also brought the ball to life just so he could kill an animate object before leaving.

So Ibra ends his Euro 2012 stay with two of Sweden's three goals, a swig of Joe Hart's water and probably a few Pep Guardiola insults just for good measure. Forget trophies (Zlatan has more than enough of those) -- that is a successful tournament. Zlatzee!