Zlatan Ibrahimovic sent Cristiano Ronaldo a ‘Dare to Zlatan’ shirt for his birthday

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrated his 29th birthday on Wednesday and to mark the occasion, Zlatan Ibrahimovic('s social media team) sent him a gift. A Nike shirt (the sponsor the two share) that reads "Dare to Zlatan." Because that's exactly what the Ballon d'Or winner needs to do this year.

You might take this as evidence that Zlatan isn't holding any grudges after Ronaldo and Portugal beat his Sweden team in their World Cup qualifying playoff a few months ago. Then again, we don't know what Zlatan did to the shirt before sending it off.

We can only hope that when Zlatan's birthday comes around in October, Ronaldo sends him free tickets to the Cristiano Ronaldo Museum in Portugal.

UPDATE: Ronaldo's Twitter account replies...

Welcome to Confidence Town, population: 2.

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