Zlatan Ibrahimovic reveals celebratory shirt message after becoming Sweden's all-time leading scorer

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored twice in the first half of Sweden's friendly against Estonia to become the country's all-time leading scorer with 50 goals in 99 appearances. He scored his first just four minutes into the match and his second came 20 minutes later with a tender back heel, which makes it all the more fitting.

After scoring the record setting goal, Zlatan took off his No. 10 shirt to reveal a special Sweden shirt underneath with a message to the fans reading "You made it all possible" on the front and "1. Ibrahimovic 50+" on the back. Which means that, in true Zlatan fashion, he expected to score two goals in this match. He was shown a yellow card for taking off his shirt.


He decided that was enough for the night, so Sweden won 2-0.

Zlatan takes the long-standing record from Sven Rydell, who scored 49 goals in 43 appearances for Sweden between 1923 and 1932. Though he never played in a World Cup, he did help Sweden win bronze at the 1924 Olympics. But now there is a new Zleader.

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