The Zlatan Ibrahimovic plush doll is definitely the only gift you’ll want this year

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

A few weeks ago, I erroneously told you that the Neymar doll was the only gift you'll want this year. This was wrong. So very, very wrong. The Zlatan Ibrahimovic plush doll is without a doubt, the only thing you will ever want again. Yes, this means that the desire for this item will completely eliminate your desire for food, water, shelter or the love of other human beings.

The Zlatan plush doll is part of a set that includes eight other PSG players who are not Zlatan made by French company Poupluche. The doll is priced at €35 and is available on Poupluche's website, which describes Zlatan as a "monstre technique" (technical monster). It does not say any catch-phrases when you press it, nor does it have lifelike Taekwondo moves, but it does emit a heavy and realistic musk of self-confidence every time you say its name. Probably.

What's that you say? You demand more holiday gifts and they absolute most depict Zlatan in miniature form? Well, the PSG store is ready to fulfill that creepy desire with the miniature Zlatan figure priced at a far more reasonable €5.90.

The PSG boutique notes that this item is not suitable for children under four years old. Most likely because the nose and hair bun make it a deadly weapon.

You might want to place your orders now before Zlatan buys them all himself for his family and friends.

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