Zlatan Ibrahimovic plays Xbox in satin pajamas embroidered with ‘#TheOne’

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

A day after it was announced that the Swedish postal service will release Zlatan Ibrahimovic stamps (Zlamps), the PSG striker and master of the known universe has now been bestowed with the honor of being the only Xbox One ambassador for France. He is officially The One.

Zlatan confirmed this through his Twitter account with a picture of himself sitting on a throne and wearing satin pajamas embroidered with "#TheOne" while holding an Xbobx controller in his one fingerless-gloved hand.

As Ibrahimovic revealed in his book "I am Zlatan," he became a video game addict in 2006 (Chapter 17 if you have the book or iPad app). He wrote:

I've got something of an addictive personality. I get wrapped up in certain things. These days it's hunting. Back then it was my Xbox, and that November there was a new game out.

It was called Gears of War, and I was completely obsessed. I locked myself in. I turned one of our rooms into a gaming room and sat there for hours on end, it could be three or four in the morning, and I really should have been sleeping and looking after myself and making sure I wasn't a wreck in training sessions. But I kept going. Gears of War was like a drug — Gears of War and Call of Duty. I was playing them all the time.

From there, he goes into a story of how he made a stockbroker friend by chatting over his headset while playing online "six or seven hours a day" with a gamertag that concealed his true identity. They bonded over their shared passion for "football and fast cars." At one point, Zlatan's new friend mentioned that he was after an expensive watch that had a long waiting list. Zlatan said he could get one and told the guy to meet him in the lobby at his hotel in Stockholm at a specific time and he would get the watch.

Zlatan then said (and this is where the tale gets really unbelievable) that he texted his bank details to the guy through his Xbox account so he could pay him for the watch (Zlatan does not give away expensive watches to strangers he meets through the Xbox for free, you know). On the agreed upon day and time, Zlatan met the man in the lobby at the Swedish team's hotel with a security guard at his side just in case things went bad and Zlatan didn't feel like using his own lethal force before an international match. Surprising the man with his true identity, Zlatan gave him the watch and they talked about Xbox. "It was nice. It was something new," Zlatan concluded. And that's why he's The One. Because he sells watches through the Xbox.

Here's an interview with Zlatan, where he talks about how his family has to work around his video game habit and retells the story of making a friend on the Xbox...

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