Zlatan Ibrahimovic couldn’t score against Joe Hart, so he drank his water instead

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Football disobeyed the mighty will of Zlatan Ibrahimovic as England beat Sweden 3-2. Zlatan scored exactly none of the match's five goals -- though he did set up Sweden's first with his levitation kick (see below) -- and his frustration only grew throughout the match. As Sweden fought back to take the lead in the second half before eventually losing it again, the primary target of Zlatan's fury was England keeper Joe Hart.

Ibrahimovic took exception when Hart deliberately shoved Johan Elmander while trying to defend the corner kick that Sweden scored their second goal on in the 59th minute. Instead of celebrating, Zlatan gave Hart a talking to (gif here), making a mental note to get his revenge later. And before another corner kick in the 70th minute, with the score now 2-2, Zlatan did so by strolling into Joe Hart's goal as Hart barked directions to his teammates, picking up Hart's water bottle, taking a big swig off it (pictured above), and tossing it back down as he went to take his place for the kick.

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Eight minutes later, Danny Welbeck obliterated Zlatan's tiny personal victory by scoring with a wonderful backheel to give England the 3-2 win.

As a final insult, his country's own fans declared that they would rather have Harry Potter actress Emma Watson than him.

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