Zidane is trying to sue a magazine writer who called him an advertising ‘whore’

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Call Zidane's sister a whore and he'll headbutt you during the World Cup final, call him a whore and he'll take you to court.

In 2011, French humorist Christophe Aleveque wrote in SportMag of Zidane: “This guy is a advertising board with three braincells who cashes in on his image to an excessive degree. It is a form of prostitution. This guy is a whore.” Aleveque also added that Zidane is "as thick as a d**k." Zidane's first attempt at a defamation lawsuit was dismissed, but he's appealing, this time seeking just one euro in damages.


Zidane, 40, told the appeal hearing the comments were “gratuitous and hurtful” to himself, his wife, children and parents.

“It is just not possible,” he told the court in a barely audible voice. [...]

Zidane is seeking a symbolic euro in damages, having dropped his initial demand for 75 000 euros ($100 000) damages to be paid to a charity of his choice.

The judge for this case: Marco Materazzi.

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