Young Cardiff player reveals the footballer’s dilemma of which autograph to use

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

There are many important issues young footballers must carefully navigate at the beginning of their careers. They must decide who is worth trusting, how to manage sudden wealth, and many other vital matters -- like the best way to sign autographs -- all while remaining focused on doing all they can to become the best player they can be. In his first year with the club, 20-year-old Cardiff defender Ben Nugent speaks about one of these vexing quandaries that is rarely brought to light.

From Wales Online:

“I’ve never practised signing my signature and found I needed to sort that out pretty quickly this season,” said Nugent.

“I’ve settled on one that I’m happy with now, but there are a few early ones out there that look different to each other.

“I was working on which one I wanted to use.”

When will clubs stop condemning young players to such hardships? Nugent has made 10 appearances for Cardiff, yet in the midst of developing him as a footballer, it's clear that the club offered him no support in the art of writing his own name. And so, Nugent probably had to spend endless nights furiously scribbling his name in slightly different styles, forever regretting the autographs he signed before finding one he was pleased with. It's trying times like those that weed out the future legends from the future legends with ugly autographs.

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