Xavi thinks Barcelona are under-appreciated in Spain

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

For a man so quietly brilliant on the pitch, Barcelona midfielder Xavi has been quite outspoken off it. He has previously told Barcelona's official website that Cesc Fabregas confided in him that he was "suffering" because he so desperately wanted the move from Arsenal back to Barca that he eventually got. Xavi has also described a Barca win over Jose Mourinho's Real Madrid as a "victory for football."

Now with Cesc no longer suffering and Barcelona 10 points behind Real Madrid in the table, Xavi has decided that Barcelona's complete and total dominance in recent years have been totally overshadowed by their rivalry with Real.

From Barcelona's official website:

Xavi also gets the impression that the successes achieved by FC Barcelona, winning 13 out of 16 possible titles, are not getting the recognition they deserve in the local media. "It seems that the Barca-Madrid war, in footballing terms, doesn't allow our successes to be seen. I think they appreciate us more outside of Spain", he said.

True, being a Catalan club means the media based in the nation's capital are not as willing to fawn over their success as much as they would that of a Madrid side. But Barcelona are hardly short on fans within Spain and their rampant success has hardly gone unseen. Mostly because they've been too great to be at all overlooked. And because that's just ridiculous.

Case in point, Jose Mourinho has lost a total of 10 matches (out of 100 total) in his two Clasico-filled seasons at Real Madrid and five of those losses have come against Barcelona. Your success has been seen, Xavi.

From now on, I propose the Spanish media photoshop halos over every Barcelona player's head in every picture they publish just to show Xavi how appreciated they really are. Xavi would like that.

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