WORLD CUP PANIC: Phone data coverage to be less than ideal in some stadiums

Brooks Peck
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As always in the run-up to a major international sporting event, the only story of interest is how woefully unprepared the host nation is and how the event will surely be ruined even though they never are. This is WORLD CUP PANIC.

In this edition of WORLD CUP PANIC we have the terrible revelation that some fans attending matches will have trouble accessing the internet with their phones inside certain stadiums. As soon as you finish gasping in horror, read on...

From the AP:

Communications Minister Paulo Bernardo says there was no time to install the necessary equipment to boost data services in some of the 12 stadiums, including the one hosting the June 12 opener.

Bernardo told a congressional hearing Wednesday that it will also ''be very difficult to offer good-quality services'' at the Arena da Baixada in the southern city of Curitiba and at the Mineirao Stadium in central Belo Horizonte. The stadiums in Curitiba and Sao Paulo are yet to be completed.

Bernardo told Brazil's official news agency Agencia Brasil that fans will have to rely on 3G data coverage, which is already deficient across the country.

What exactly are fans supposed to do if they can't access the internet at a World Cup match?! This isn't the stone age, when people went to World Cup matches just to watch the match. Today, the games only serve as a background for selfies that must be uploaded every five minutes or something to tweet about or a place to sit and download an app. If the fans who paid good money for tickets to these games can't count on having the fastest and most reliable internet access within the stadiums, then they might as well cancel the whole tournament right now because there is no point to having it.

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