This woman really wants to see Francesco Totti

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Roma traveled to Parma by train ahead of their match on Wednesday and at the station there was a woman who really, really wanted to see Francesco Totti. Now, people have been known to lose it when in the presence of their footballing idols, but this was different.

First, she was wearing some kind of sailor outfit and had a camera following her. Whether this was to document the moment of her dreams or a sign that this was some kind of bizarre act isn't entirely important. Either way, she showed impressive dedication and fitness by jumping up and down to trying and see in the train windows and repeatedly shouting "Totti!"

This goes on far longer than it should. Eventually, another person on the platform lifts her up so she can lock her eyes on Totti and snap some photos. The look on Totti's face at the end says it all.

UPDATE: Thanks to @robaanrobio we now know that the woman is Japanaese comedy star Imoto Ayako and she is apparently "the funniest entertainer of the moment." To everyone except Francesco Totti, that is.

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