New Wolves managers bans players from eating McDonald’s

Brooks Peck
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Since getting relegated from the Premier League last season, things have only gotten worse for Wolves. Now sitting 18th in the Championship, Stale Solbakken only last six months as manager and has now been replaced by Dean Saunders, who is looking to instill a military-like discipline in the team. In part by banning them from eating at McDonald's.

Said Saunders (via the Telegraph):

“Without discipline you have nothing. Football is a watered down version of the army, discipline-wise.

“In the army they make you clean your shoes and they make you put your bed tidy. They make you do things you don’t want to do and you have to obey the orders. You are all together as a group. And you get used to obeying instructions and respecting authority. It keeps everybody together on the same sheet.

“Obviously we are not in the army but there’s got to be rules in place where players have to adhere to certain things. You take that code on the pitch with you.

“They include not being late for training, not leaving your training kit on the floor, being in for treatment on time, living your life properly, not going away from here into McDonalds, eating like an athlete. I don’t think Jessica Ennis stops off at McDonalds on the way home, I don’t think so looking at her. I think most proper footballers like discipline. And they don’t like to see other people not adhering to it.”

Jessica Ennis might not have eaten at McDonald's, but Usain Bolt did eat chicken nuggets before setting a new 100-meter record at the Olympics last summer. So maybe Wolves' problem is that they're not eating enough fast food?

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Anyway, here's video of Saunders telling a great story about pretending to drink goat blood with Brad Friedel during their spell at Galatasaray...

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