Werder Bremen ban Arnautovic and Elia for remainder of season after they’re caught speeding

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Dangling just above the relegation zone, Werder Bremen have decided to ban Marko Arnautovic and Eljero Elia for the final three matches of the season after both were caught speeding last week. The decision is a curious one considering the fact that driving offenses are commonplace for footballers and they weren't drinking.

From Reuters:

Werder had temporarily banned the pair on Friday but decided to extend the sanction to all training sessions and matches until the end of the season, after the late-night incident.

Arnautovic, who has had previous disciplinary problems for club and country, and Elia were stopped for speeding in separate cars and their behaviour prompted the police to call for back-up.

No alcohol was involved.

This is far from the first time Arnautovic has had disciplinary issues, so the punishment is likely for more than just this incident and meant to ensure focus in such an important period for the club. Still, Carlos Tevez should be happy that he doesn't play for Werder Bremen.

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