Werder Bremen ban Eintracht Frankfurt supporters from bringing concert xylophone to match

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Werder Bremen have denied Eintracht Frankfurt supporters' odd request to bring a concert xylophone into the away section of the Weserstadion for Saturday's Bundesliga match. Since traveling fans in Germany must get the home club's approval on items brought into the stadium for matches, the xylophone somehow made it onto the list. Bremen approved the usual megaphones, flags and drums, but the xylophone was not allowed.

From ESPN:

When the news broke late on Tuesday that Frankfurt supporters were not allowed to take any xylophones to Bremen, Frankfurt fans on the official club board laughed in disbelief, with one writing: "Xylophones are a thing of the past. Real away thugs bring their fipple flutes."

Frankfurt's fan liaison officer explained that Bremen feared that a full-scale xylophone could block emergency exits. Bremen's head of security added that he had never heard of fans trying to bring a concert xylophone into a stadium in his 20 years of doing the job.

You might be able to ban the xylophones of Frankfurt, Werder Bremen. But you can't silence the soothing twinkle of the xylophone music in their hearts.

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