Weezer releases 'unofficial theme song' for U.S. team

Rivers Cuomo loves soccer almost as much as he loves releasing albums of consistently decreasing quality (anyone who says that a single track from ‘Raditude' would have made the cut in the sublime ‘Blue Album' era is a gosh darn liar): the Weezer front man frequently plays in charity matches, and he even planned the band's 2002 Far East tour so that he could watch his beloved national team's World Cup matches.

This weekend, the part-crazy-part-genius singer/songwriter and his band released the track ‘Represent' on the intertubes, a song they are labeling ‘the unofficial theme song' of the U.S. team. It's free to download all this weekend from iTunes, unless, like me, you're based in the U.K., where it costs 59p. Discriminate much?

It's not a bad song (and it's far superior to the U.S. national team-dedicated solo track ‘My Day is Coming' he recorded a few years ago) but, from a Weezer fan's perspective it's typical of the recent output of a once-great band.

Would a slightly better hook have inspired the U.S. to sneak an additional two points from England on Saturday? And equally, would Rob Green have been as easily distracted if he didn't have to live with the fact that this is the unofficial England song? I guess we'll never know ...

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