Weezer’s anthem makes U.S. team go nuts

Crazy genius Rivers Cuomo is responsible for some of the best alternative rock of the last twenty years (to paraphrase Oscar Wilde, "a man who is tired of Pinkerton is tired of life") so it was good to see Weezer add an unofficial U.S. Men's National Team theme song to their canon. ‘Represent' now has an official video, which splices match footage, moody shots of the boys getting their game face on and some Weezer goodness.

Even though it may not be the greatest Weezer song, ‘Represent' has been warmly received, particularly by the players themselves. According to the U.S. Soccer Twitter, the rousing served as inspiration for the draw with England, as it was played in the dressing room prior to the game. Also, another tweet last night revealed that the song got the party started after the historic win over Algeria:

Weezer's Represent blaring in the #USMNT locker room right now... guys are going nuts!

According to Yahoo! Sports, a delighted Bill Clinton walked into the dressing room at the time when the Weezer song was pumping out of the stereo. He stayed for 45 minutes - in which he may or may not have played an extended saxophone solo - and left when the players eventually got dressed.

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