Wayne Rooney voted ugliest footballer in the world

Gaining membership to dating website Beautifulpeople.com depends on looks, and people are only allowed in if they are deemed attractive enough. It's the same way that Sergio Ramos would run passport control at the Spanish borders if he were in charge. The aesthetically elitist site recently surveyed 200,000 of its users to discover which footballers were the best looking, and the results were unsurprising: Fernando Torres, David Villa and Cristiano Ronaldo all ranked highly, but the handsomest of them all was deemed to be 36-year-old Fabio Cannavaro.

One person who won't be gaining entry to the Handsome Men's Club, however, is Wayne Rooney, who ranked rock bottom of the poll. If a thoroughly disappointing World Cup campaign wasn't enough of a dent to his confidence, then finishing below Dirk Kuyt and Franck Ribery in a beauty contest surely is.

[Photos: More images of English striker Wayne Rooney]

The website's (fabulously good looking?) managing director Greg Hodge gave his analysis to The Telegraph:

"Collectively, the worst looking team is Algeria. The term 'trophy head' could have been coined for most of their team.

"England follows close behind, with the most unattractive player on the planet, Wayne Rooney. The England team do have very beautiful wives and girlfriends, but this is surely due to their bank accounts which certainly makes them a lot more attractive."

In addition to Algeria and England, the Serbian, North Korean, Australian and Swiss teams were deemed to have fallen from the ugly tree and then beaten repeatedly with the ugly hammer. The best-looking teams were said to be Brazil, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain and the U.S..

Image: Reuters

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