Wayne Rooney says Robin van Persie ‘not the brightest off the pitch’

Robin van Persie managed to finagle a move from Arsenal to Manchester United, but according to Wayne Rooney, he's not the smartest guy off the pitch. Rooney, who some might call a "pot," revealed this opinion of Van Persie, perhaps a "kettle," during a Google Hangout that also involved teammates Jonny Evans and Tom Cleverley (video below).

When Rooney was named as one of the biggest pranksters on the team, he was asked who his easiest target is. His reply:

“I’d have to say Robin. He’s not the brightest!

“As much of a good footballer he is, he’s definitely not the brightest off the pitch and it’s just easy to get to him.

According to Jonny Evans, Anderson is the laziest player in training. Which is a surprise to exactly no one. Rooney also called out Anderson as the worst dressed on the team ("it's just disgraceful") along with Phil Jones. "Anything that has an expensive label on it, he'll buy it," added Evans on Jones' style. "It doesn't even have to match."

That and much more is covered in the Q&A session. Have a look...