Wayne Rooney politely asks rioters to stop

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

As the violent and senseless riots that started in London in the wake of police killing cab driver and alleged drug dealer Mark Duggan continue to spread across England, the toll on innocent shop owners and residents continues to rise. And as it does, the looting and destruction seems to have less and less to do with the Duggan murder and more to do with the rioters' desire to riot.

For many observers, including Wayne Rooney, that has been a confusing desire to comprehend. So, in a Monday night tweet (shown above), Wayne tried to express that confusion and politely ordered any rioters who happen to see his tweets to "stop please." Because, who knows, maybe they were just looking for someone to say "please." This could be the beginning of a tremendous post-football career as a diplomat for Rooney.

Midweek Carling Cup fixtures have already been postponed since the strained police resources can't accommodate them. Both the England friendly against the Netherlands on Wednesday, plus this weekend's Premier League openers could all be next. Meanwhile, Joey Barton's Twitter page shows this might all be his fault...


Barton's quoting "Still Ill" by The Smiths there, but that combined with the Che Guevara avatar and all that's going on creates quite the mixed message.

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