Wayne Rooney’s hair spray goal celebration was inspired by Andy Carroll

Dirty Tackle

Wayne Rooney likes hair spray. The product, not the musical (Getty)

Shortly after Wayne Rooney crushed Ukraine's Euro 2012 dream with a tap-in header, the returning England striker celebrated by pretending to apply hair spray.

It wasn't a symbolic gesture of his surgically assisted triumph over male pattern baldness, but rather a nod to teammate Andy Carroll, who lent the striker hair product before the match and asked him to score a header.

Wazza explains all below:

While it seems a little optimistic that Rooney could grow a luscious long Carroll-style mane, the Liverpool hit man is clearly a huge believer in the positive effects of using other people's hair product. In April, Martin Kelly revealed that two of big AC's headed goals were scored while sporting Jordan Henderson's gel.

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