Wayne Rooney credits his barber’s “magic powers” for good form

Dirty Tackle

Footballers are no strangers to superstition: Kolo Toure once missed the start of the second half of a Champions League game as he always wants to be the last player out on the pitch,  Mario Gomez and John Terry only use the urinal on the far-left in the bathroom, and Cristiano Ronaldo flexes his muscles naked in front of the mirror for 45 minutes every match day. And every other day.

Wayne Rooney has revealed that his white-hot form is due to an equally irrational superstition. Before every single game, the Premier League top scorer has been having his newly acquired hair cut by a barber whose surname is only one letter long:

"Daniel J always keeps me looking sharp. And when I look sharp, I feel sharp. I don't know what it is but it's like his haircuts have magical powers because every time he gives me a trim I seem to go and score."

"All the lads have been asking me for Daniel's number. Of course I'm not giving it out to the [Manchester] City boys."

Rooney has referred Rio Ferdinand to his good-luck hairdresser, and Jermain Defoe has also been persuaded to sit under his magical scissors. Perhaps a certain other London-based striker should make the trip up to Manchester too...

Quote: The Mirror; Image: Getty

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