Wayne Rooney bought his and hers race horses

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Wayne Rooney and Tom Cleverley, along with a magician called Dynamo, visiting teammate Michael Owen's Manor House Stables on Monday (pictured above), where Rooney's Christmas presents to himself and his wife will be living. No, he's not making prostitutes live in stables -- he bought horses.

From The Mirror:

Coleen [Rooney] is a regular visitor to the Grand National and Wayne is also a fan, so they've now splashed £100,000 on two colts.

They will be kept at United team-mate Michael Owen's stables, where top trainer Tom Dascombe will be tasked with turning them into winners.

Wayne, 26, has named one Tomway after his dad — full name Thomas Wayne Rooney — but it is not yet known what Coleen, 25, has called hers.

Tomway? If anything that name will serve as a flag for the authorities to open up a race fixing probe. There are so many better names Wayne could've gone with. Like "F***ing What" or "Hair We Go" or "Granny" or "Meat." Actually, "F***ing What" is a pretty fantastic name for a race horse. Sadly, it would probably lead to a two-race ban for the commentator who yells the horse's name on air any time it wins.

The report goes on to say that Wayne has selected pink and white as his horse's racing colors. This will probably be spun into a transfer rumor about his intent to join Palermo momentarily.

Photo: @TheMichaelOwen

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