Watch all of Tim Howard's World Cup record 16 saves AT THE SAME TIME

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You've seen Tim Howard's World Cup record 16 saves in the U.S.'s 2-1 loss to Belgium and all of the glowing praise — even from the highest offices in the U.S. government — that has followed. But do you know what's better than watching 16 Tim Howard saves in a single World Cup match? WATCHING 16 TIM HOWARD SAVES ALL AT THE SAME TIME IN ONE MAGICAL GIF by Yahoo Sports' senior social editor Eric Orvieto.


(Yahoo Sports)
(Yahoo Sports)

Now, it should be noted that about half of the saves were inverted to fit in the gif, since they occurred at the other end of the pitch. But this Matrix-like visual is probably the best representation of what Belgium felt like they were shooting against. Until they scored twice in extra time, of course.