Warrior confirms they’re using ‘gloryholes’ to ‘push the envelope’

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Liverpool kitmaker Warrior recently launched a new boot called the Gambler, which has a "gloryholes" feature designed "for precision fit in sticky situations." This prompted giggles and questions as to whether the company employs anyone over the age of 12, but considering the "deal with it" slogan, it seemed likely that Warrior were very aware of the double meaning of their words.

Just to confirm this, Dan, a DT reader, sent off a friendly email to Warrior to say, "The new advert for your Gambler boot claims the boot has 'Glory Holes, for precise fit in sticky situations'. Please google Glory Holes (safe search on!), you might want to change that ;)"

Here's the response he received:

Dear Dan,

Thank you for taking the time to email Warrior.com. I am so sorry that you found our recent add offensive. We as a company try to push the envelope and bring an edge to our slogans and advertising. I will be sure to pass your feedback along for the future of Warrior.

First off, there was no indication that he was offended in his original email, so to offer an apology would seem to suggest that either most people who contact them are offended (which would be silly) or Warrior is expecting/hoping that they will be. That their ham-fisted attempt at pushing the envelope and being edgy comes off as such, instead of being just one more thing to mock them about.

Maybe they should devote more resources to designing products that don't look like symptoms of a sex disease transmitted through a glory hole than to these double entendres. Because one would think that inspiring people to actually buy their products instead of just pointing and laughing at them would be a favorable business model. And that Liverpool would probably agree.

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