Villarreal match halted after idiot throws tear gas onto the pitch

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

A tear gas canister thrown onto the pitch from the stands during Villarreal's match against Celta Vigo forced the match to be halted and the Estadio El Madrigal to be evacuated. The canister — the same used by riot police during demonstrations — was thrown shortly after Celta Vigo's Fabian Orellana put his side up 1-0 in the 83rd minute.

Celta Vigo goalkeeper Yoel Rodriguez Oterino was left red faced and coughing since he was closest to where the device landed. Smoke billowed out of it while the players left the pitch (while Villarreal forward Jonathan Pereira tried to kick the canister away) and soon the wind blew the gas around the stadium, forcing fans to rush for the exit while covering their faces.

The match was stopped for 25 minutes, but once it resumed, Celta Vigo added a second goal and won 2-0 with the stands mostly empty. Villarreal will now face disciplinary action that will almost certainly result in a fine for the club.

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