Vietnamese Arsenal fan chases team bus, gets invited on board

Arsenal's preseason tour has taken them to Vietnam, where one dedicated (and exceptionally fit) supporter proved his commitment to the team by chasing their bus through the streets of Hanoi like the T-1000 chasing John Connor. Of course, many other fans in many other places have chased the bus before, but this guy was relentless. When it became clear that he wasn't giving up, the players started chanting "sign him up, sign him up."

Eventually, the running fan kept his pursuit going by hitching a ride on the back of a motorbike, prompting the players to cheer his resourcefulness. At that point, they felt they had to do something to reward his efforts, so the bus stopped and he was invited on board. Sweaty and out of breath, the man had a big smile as the players cheered him again, shook his hand and posed for pictures. Even Arsene Wenger signed his Arsenal shirt before he left.

In the video above, narrator Wojciech Szczesny says the incident was a lesson to fans "that if you really want to pursue your dreams, it can happen. And that's what happened to him today." So stalkers everywhere will probably take that as a direct order to increase their efforts in pursuit of the team.

Elsewhere in Vietnam, another Arsenal fan decided to express their love through art with a framed portrait of Wenger...

If you still haven't gotten Sir Alex Ferguson a retirement gift, that should definitely be it.