This is the video game ad starring David Villa that Barcelona banned

Brooks Peck

Shortly after joining Barcelona in 2010, David Villa starred in a spot for the video game Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit in which he destroyed a parked police car with nothing more than a football and his powerful shot. Apparently Barcelona did not like this.

In the clip, Villa methodically kicks a Jabulani at a police car, destroying its exterior bit by bit with every kick (like anyone could control a Jabulani that well). When Villa finishes his destruction of the vehicle, he gets back in his car as the two cops come out of a shop to see theirs. As they run to assess the damage, Villa gives a dead-eyed look into his rearview mirror.

According to reports, Barcelona did not appreciate the ad depicting its newest star defying the law in such a way, so it kept it from being aired. It would've been funnier if it was nice Leo Messi doing it anyway.

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