The very best moments of Being: Liverpool episode 5

Brooks Peck
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Is anyone still watching this show? Regardless, Being: Liverpool rolls on with the same playwright in a pub fishing for gravitas at the opening, a tranquilizing over-reliance on slow-motion and Jamie Carragher speaking a language even he can't understand.

Despite these now familiar elements all blending into each other to create a sterilized gruel, there are still some moments that shine through. Here they are (in chronological order)...

1. Brendan Rodgers trying to talk Andy Carroll out of playing

Brendan Rodgers made no secret of the fact that he was less than enthusiastic about having Andy Carroll on his team from the start, but Carroll just wasn't getting the hint. With talk in the press of Rodgers' desire to ship the pricey striker out before the transfer deadline, Liverpool traveled to Hearts for a Europa League playoff. Carroll made the trip despite being bothered by a hamstring niggle, but at a training session before the game, the problem persisted.

At one point, Rodgers took Carroll aside and did his best to talk him out of pushing it. "I want to play and stuff," Carroll pleaded with the boss. "Of course, I know, I know that," Rodgers replied. "If you're struggling with it and there's a threat it might go and you're out for 4-6 weeks, there's no point." ...because that could ruin Rodgers' chances of getting rid of him before the deadline.

Carroll didn't dress for the match against Hearts and a week later he was sent to West Ham on a season-long loan, where his hamstring problem has persisted. Carroll now says he hasn't "had a fair chance" at Liverpool.

2. Pepe Reina is a ringer

At the end of the training session before the Hearts match, Rodgers bet Pepe Reina £20 that Reina couldn't hit the crossbar from midfield. Reina then hit the crossbar from midfield on his first try like it was something he does to every new Liverpool manager.

The lesson here: Never bet against Pepe Reina in a crossbar challenge.

3. Pepe Reina once had blond hair

Not only did Pepe Reina once have hair, but he had blond hair. Even his daughter had no idea who this was (at first she thought it was her dressed as a boy). If this episde teaches us anything it's that Pepe Reina is full of secrets.

4. Brendan Rodgers really loves PowerPoint

This is the second straight episode that included Brendan Rodgers showing his players a PowerPoint presentation. Thankfully, he didn't tie it into his envelope trick this time, but like Luis Suarez, this is probably where many viewers finally fell asleep. And so, we'll end our recap with this. Sweet dreams.

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