The very best images from the David Beckham farewell party (aka the MLS Cup final)

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

LA hosted the Houston Dynamo and came from behind to beat them 3-1 in David Beckham's testimonial match, which also doubled as the MLS Cup final. As he did with Manchester United and Real Madrid, Beckham leaves the LA Galaxy by hoisting a trophy and smirking goodbye to the locals who have grown to adore him. Here are the very best pictures from his most recent special day...

A man who is not David Beckham opened the scoring for a team that is not the LA Galaxy. This confused the situation and some people worried that the match would have to be restarted.

Beckham then decided that since it was his last game in the league, he would just start stomping people to death because why not?

Eventually, LA won and manager Bruce Arena decided to celebrate by holding his grandson up like Simba from The Lion King.

The Beckhams officially reclaim America as a part of Britain.

Beckham and Arena point and laugh at the people who thought he would be a waste of money when he joined the league.

An unidentified fan holds the cup.

Who invited Gerard Butler? Just because you played a footballer in a movie doesn't mean you get to hold the MLS Cup in Los Angeles.

Actually, that does kind of make sense.

So how did this compare to Beckham's previous silverware-enriched farewells? This was Madrid in 2007...

And here he is in 2003 with Manchester United...

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