The very best football themed defecating Christmas figurines

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Caganers have been a Catalan holiday tradition since the 18th century. The small figurines, which are hidden in Christmas nativity scenes, depict a squatting person — originally a peasant but now expanded to include celebrities and other notable people and characters — with their rear end exposed and feces on the ground behind them (caganer translates to "s****er").

Prominent figures in football have been getting the caganer treatment for years now. These are the very best.

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Neymar was a natural choice for a caganer as a new member of Barcelona and with the World Cup less than a year away, the tournament's official mascot, Fuleco the armadillo, gets the treatment as well. His poop is yellow, which doesn't seem healthy.

Barcelona defender Carles Puyol gives a peace sign while doing his business.

Shakira and her baby daddy Gerard Pique. Fun fact: Shakira always holds a microphone and grabs the back of her head when she uses the bathroom.

Real Madrid managers new and old: Carlo Ancelotti and (what is supposed to be) Jose Mourinho. Seriously. That's supposed to be Jose Mourinho.

Barcelona's new manager Tata Martino and Leo Messi with one of his golden balls.

Real Madrid owner Florentino Perez dressed as a cow.

Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola, apparently while being attacked by ants.

Espanyol mascot Periquito, looking very proud of himself.

And finally, there's a French caganer company that made an anatomically correct Franck Ribery. Click here if you dare.

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