The very best of Andrei Arshavin at Arsenal

After three years and a recent run of poor form, Andrei Arshavin, everyone's favorite misogynistic women's clothing designer is being sent back to Zenit St. Petersburg by Arsenal. It's only a loan spell that will last until the end of the season, but it seems this could be the end of Arshavin's stay in London. So we've decided to compile some of our best memories from one of the most entertaining footballers' time in the Premier League.

The beginning -- Arshavin is too good for Blackberrys. And Nicklas Bendtner...

As a follow-up to that clip, there was Andrei's fantastic revelations about his Arsenal teammates that we covered here.

Andrei eating pickle-flavored Lays his grandmother sent him:

Of course, we love Andrei most for the ongoing (though currently on a hiatus, it seems) Q&A he does with the bizarre readers of his official website. There have been far too many hilarious/strange/unhinged/unsettling moments to list (here's the full archive of our posts on them), but this remains my favorite question and answer to date:

7. From Boldzhur
Hi, were you good at chemistry?
: I had no problem with organic or inorganic chemistry. Chrome! :))))))

This is how I choose to remember the Arshavin years at Arsenal:

Good luck back at Zenit, Andrei. Chrome! :))))))