Van Persie denies stupid Nazi salute questions

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

In a world where silent YouTube footage is the sole evidence used to condemn footballers as racist subhumans, it should come as no surprise that Robin van Persie raising his arm while celebrating a goal is automatically questioned as a Nazi salute. After scoring what would be the winner in Arsenal's 5-3 victory over Chelsea on Saturday, Van Persie ran to the corner flag, touched both shoulders and raised his arm in the direction of Arsenal's jubilant visiting fans (see it here). This, of course, means he is in love with Adolf Hitler.

Or not. Said Van Persie on his official Twitter account:

It has been brought to my attention of some ridiculous allegations concerning my celebration of one of my goals yesterday.

It is totally ludicrous to suggest that my action of brushing my shoulder and pointing to my fans could be construed as anything else but of a showing of joy and celebration.

To suggest this meant anything to the contrary is insulting and absolutely absurd as nothing else came into my mind.

It might be time we cool it with the circumstantial assumptions of evil based on easily misconstrued bodily movements. Then again, @ASCFR makes a very good case that Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny is the biggest Nazi who ever Nazied with this blatant Hitler mustache...


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