Usain Bolt urges Prince William not to bring his son up as an Aston Villa fan

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Aston Villa wasted no time in sending off a personalized kit to the newborn son of Villa supporter Prince William and Duchess Catherine in the hopes that they can ensure a new generation of royal family themed marketing. But Manchester United fan Usain Bolt is now pleading with Prince William to spare the child from what he predicts will be a lifetime of disappointment (within a lifetime of great wealth and luxury).

From the Birmingham Mail:

The 26-year-old sprint hero, who has relatives in the West Midlands, said: “The British royal family are great people - and I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some of them.

“I want to give all my best to the Prince and Duchess on their firstborn.

“I just hope he doesn’t follow in his daddy’s footsteps and become an Aston Villa fan. It isn’t fair to put a child through that - especially not a prince.”

The Olympic 100 and 200m champion - who raced at the weekend’s Anniversary Games in London - added: “When the prince is old enough, I’d love to take him to Old Trafford.

“It’s only fair he gets to support a winning team.”

Yes, just think how brutally unfair life would be for the potential King of the United Kingdom if he didn't support a football club that regularly wins trophies. It's the kind of thing that would keep the commoners up at night, wracked with concern.

Anyway, the more important point in these statements is that Bolt appears to have more faith in new Manchester United manager David Moyes continuing the club's winning ways than some.

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