Usain Bolt is taking credit for Manchester United’s midfield improvements

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Immediately after Manchester United lost 1-0 to Liverpool, Usain Bolt decided he had to take action. "I'm Usain Bolt," said Usain Bolt in his Instagram video of action. "I'm a big fan of Manchester United. Dave Moyes, we need a creative midfielder. One that can pass and create opportunities. RIGHT NOW. More control. Serious face." And yes, he did actually say "serious face" instead of just doing one.

The next day, Man United finally sealed the transfer of Marouane Fellaini from Everton and wins against Crystal Palace and Bayer Leverkusen followed, with Shinji Kagawa starting in the latter for the first time this season. Clearly this was not just a natural progression for a club under a new manager at the very beginning of the season, it was entirely the result of Bolt's Instagram intervention on Moyes. At least, that's what Bolt thinks.

He told ITV:

"I was sitting at home and watching the game (against Liverpool) and I saw that in the midfield is where we are most weakest so I was just voicing my concern.

"I think David Moyes heard, I'm sure, because it was all over the news. I think he surely got that message. He got (Marouane) Fellaini (in) and (Shinji) Kagawa is now playing so the team is much better and a lot more stable."

You might laugh at the notion that Bolt's words had anything to do with either of those developments, but somewhere in London Roman Abramovich is inquiring about how soon Bolt, the visionary of midfield dynamics, can replace Jose Mourinho as Chelsea manager.

Bolt's contributions to Man United aren't limited to Instagram videos, though. Here he is trying to tire out Sergio Aguero ahead of the Manchester derby in a Puma ad...

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