President of Uruguay has harsh words for FIFA

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President of Uruguay has harsh words for FIFA
President of Uruguay has harsh words for FIFA

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RIO DE JANEIRO — The chances of Uruguay and FIFA mending fences after the Luis Suarez ban are officially nil.

Uruguayan President José Mujica had some choice words for soccer’s governing body, which banned his country’s star striker Suarez, after he bit an opponent during the group stage game against Italy.

Suarez was banned from nine international games and four months from soccer, one of the harshest punishments ever handed down.

When asked about FIFA, Mujica didn’t mince words.

“The FIFA is a bunch of old sons of bitches,” Mujica said before placing his hand over his mouth jokingly like he had just said something he shouldn’t. “They could have punished him without these fascist sanctions.”

It's safe to say this isn’t the first time anyone has called FIFA either of those nouns, but it might be the first time the president of a country has had such harsh tones.

Sen. Lucía Topolanski, the first lady, sided with Mujica by saying she, “adheres to the words of the president.”

Suarez’s absence had a clear effect on Uruguay, as the team lost 2-0 to Colombia in the Round of 16. The Uruguayans had trouble mounting a consistent offense and when they did, Colombian goalkeeper David Ospina was there for the stop.

Uruguay’s Football Association said it planned to appeal the suspension and had seven day from last Saturday to do so.

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