Unpopular Blackburn manager has a bodyguard with him at all times

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Blackburn fans really don't like manager Steve Kean. They've expressed this through signs, protests and even planes throughout a season that has the Rovers teetering on the brink of the relegation zone. Their vehemence in their position has only grown the longer Kean remains employed and since large segments of humanity aren't able to keep football in perspective, Steve Kean now feels the need to keep a karate expert with him at all times. And no, it's not Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

From Sporting Life:

[Kean] told The Times: "I was advised that it would be in my interest to have somebody with me at all times.

"I was at a restaurant with my wife and children a few months ago and got a text message from a friend telling me to be careful.

"There was stuff going out on Twitter from an activist group which identified the restaurant so that people could confront me.

"I showed the text to my wife and we decided to leave straightaway.

"We didn't tell the children because we didn't want to frighten them. We just said that there was a good place around the corner where we could get pudding.

"The chap who protects me is a seventh dan in karate, but he is not big or butch or anything.

"He knows how to handle himself.

"It is a bit strange having him around, but there are some good things too. He is bloody interesting to talk to, for a start."

Blackburn fans might prefer him as manager then.

Kean has done a poor job, said all the wrong things and been aided by terrible owners, but the man is still just a football manager. And it should go without saying that his family shouldn't be stalked in an effort to scare him into quitting his job, whether it's one he deserves or not. Unless he was an insufferable TV personality who picks never-ending fights with footballers on Twitter, but he's not so he doesn't.

Maybe Roman Abramovich is right to sack managers quickly and with a big enough payoff so they never have to work again. It's the only humane thing to do.

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