United and City fans asked to ‘Trash Your Tevez Shirt’

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Trash Your Tevez Shirt
Trash Your Tevez Shirt

The blue and red halves of Manchester have already had one piece of news to bring them together this week, with the news that legendary Manc band The Stone Roses have put their differences aside in order to make some more money share their gift with the world once more. Now, United and City followers have been given something else they can mutually enjoy: The Trash Your Tevez Shirt recycling campaign.

At this Sunday's Manchester derby, fans from both sides will get an opportunity to show their disgust with the petulant Argentinean by dumping their replica shirts in a recycling skip, painted in red and sky blue. The unwanted garments will then be sent on to Argentina, and also local charity organizations who don't hold such a strong conscientious objection to the maligned forward. Those who donate will apparently be issued with brand-new shirts. That's right, United fans — bring along the two-year-old Tevez shirt you haven't thrown away yet and get a brand-new one!

It's clearly a marketing stunt set up by a certain betting company who happen to have their name on the side of the truck, but trading in a shirt bearing the name of the player who will be nowhere near the city he despises so much come January is a pretty sweet deal.

Image: Daily Mail

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