The Ukraine goal against England that wasn’t ruled a goal (or offside)

Calls for goal line technology erupted yet again and this time they were mooted even quicker than usual. With England leading 1-0 over home side Ukraine in the second half of their final group stage match, a Marko Devic shot that was tipped into the air by Joe Hart and cleared by John Terry beyond the goal line was ruled a non-goal. Even though the overhead view showed that the ball had completely crossed the line before Terry volleyed it away.

The roar of outrage was immediate as topics ranged from the lack of goal line technology (which FIFA is testing) to the uselessness of UEFA's compromise of adding a fifth official at the goal line to how this was just the universe balancing itself out after England had an even clearer equalizer against Germany ignored at the 2010 World Cup. But all of that seemed to drown out the fact that there should have been an offside flag during the buildup play. Artem Milevskiy, the Ukraine player who reigned in the long ball and set up Devic, appeared to be offside to begin with.

But blown offside calls aren't as much fun to shout about as blown goal calls, so that gets overshadowed.

Meanwhile, France lost 2-0 to Sweden while all of this was going on, allowing England to win Group D and play Italy (instead of Spain) in the quarterfinals.