U.S. defender Brad Evans takes parting shot at Cristiano Ronaldo after getting cut from World Cup squad

Brooks Peck

Though Landon Donovan was the highest profile omission from the U.S.'s final 23-man World Cup squad, getting cut from the team is surely a difficult experience for all seven players being sent home from training camp. But defender Brad Evans showed he was able to keep a sense of humor about the situation in the immediate aftermath of learning his fate by telling Cristiano Ronaldo on Twitter how lucky he is to avoid a showdown against each other when the U.S. face Portugal in the group stage.

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We can only hope that as Ronaldo prepares for the Champions League final with Real Madrid that he happened to check his Twitter mentions and was momentarily baffled by the comment before shrugging and going about his day, occasionally stopping to think what it could have possibly meant.

Though Evans won't be going to Brazil, he still made a significant contribution to his country's World Cup campaign when he scored a late winner in an important qualfier against Jamaica last year.

Given that moment, maybe it's actually Manuel Neuer who got off easy.

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