The U.S. national team had a motivational speaker break stuff in front of them

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

As the U.S. prepare to play Jamaica in two World Cup qualifiers over four days, manager Juergen Klinsmann decided to bring in Donnie Moore, a motivational speaker, to unleash his phonebook ripping wisdom on the team.

Now, you might think that going to the Estadio Azteca and beating Mexico for the first time ever in their last match would be far more motivating than anything a guy with a pompadour and a track suit could say to them. And you're probably right. Which is why Donnie Moore yelled and wowed the team with his feats of strength instead of just saying things.

It's unclear whether this was all for real or a part of a Spinal Tap type mockumenatary that includes a parody of motivational speakers, but as part of the presentation, Donnie Moore rolled a cooking pan up "like a burrito," he broke baseball bats over his thigh and he ripped two phonebooks back to back before making it rain with the pages.

Anyway, I think Wayne Rooney just found his post-football career.

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