How the U.S. can beat England: Make Rooney swear

With the World Cup curse still raging, Wayne Rooney will have to work harder than ever to stay on the field during this World Cup. He survived Monday's friendly against local side Platinum Stars without picking up any knocks, but referee Jeff Selogilwe was super unimpressed with his filthy poop mouth. Reports The Guardian:

"Rooney insulted me," said Selogilwe. "He said: '**** you.' He is a good player when you see him on the television, but when you see him on the pitch he just keeps on insulting the referee.

"To me, it looks like Rooney insults people and fouls other players. If he insults a referee like me, then he will use that vulgar language to other referees as well. He must learn to control his temper. He could get sent off in the World Cup, especially if he uses this kind of language."

It seems that referees are now taking a harder line on swearing — you can earn a red by doing a naughty swear in Italy now — and nutbag official Carlos Simon is unlikely to let a four-letter word go unnoticed if he hears it.

So, if the USA wishes to disarm England's biggest weapon on Saturday, they must coax him into swearing. Worryingly for England, this will be incredibly easy: The Manchester United striker loves swearing almost as much as Ashley Cole loves money (almost). Rooney is a notorious F-bomber, who was once caught on camera serenading an official with no less than 20 expletives in one outburst. Heck, he even wanted to name his son ****. Probably.

As an England fan based in London, I'm currently hoping that Fabio Capello has sat Rooney in a quiet room with a list of swear words in alternative languages. If the forward can't learn to vent in Swahili by Saturday, Team America may have this one in the bag.

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