Two Liga MX players fined for celebrating goals with crotch grabs

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Forget the "Harlem Shake," the new trend in goal celebrations is grabbing your crotch like your underpants are full of coins. At least, it was in the Mexican first division last weekend.

Luis Tejada of Toluca and Efrain Velarde of Pumas were each fined for making similar crotch-grab gestures towards the crowd after goals in separate matches.

From Reuters:

"Luis Carlos Tejada and Efrain Velarde are sanctioned with a fine of 2,000 days' minimum salary for making signs, gestures and showing obscene attitudes towards the public at the Azteca and (Olimpico) Universitario stadiums respectively," the Mexican league's disciplinary committee said in a statement.

The two players must therefore pay 129,000 Mexican pesos ($10,200) each given that the national minimum daily salary in the country is 64.50 pesos.

Here's video of Velarde's celebration...

It's unclear whether the players will appeal the rulings. If they do, they might have success claiming that they both contracted sexually transmitted diseases and were just itching.

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