Twitter-obsessed Gabriel Zakuani named his son ‘Trendy’

Dirty Tackle
Gabriel Zakuani
Gabriel Zakuani

Twitter has long inspired its millions of users to braindump their banal thoughts into the digital ether, but now it has inspired something with a little more permanence.

Joining Harper Seven Beckham in The League Of Extraordinarily Named Footballer Offspring is Trendy Zakuani, named by Peterborough defender Gabriel Zakuani for his love of the popular social networking site. The Sun reports:

"People have asked if his name is because of 'trending topics' on Twitter. Maybe it was in the back of my mind."

Gabriel said the name also refers to the baby's mum Shanice Petrie's job in fashion. He said: "The official reason was she wanted something to reflect that. But it was me who came up with Trendy."

Tweeting from his @Gabs50Zakuani account, Zakuani has spent Tuesday bantering with his followers about his newborn, perhaps in an effort to get Trendy trending. Unfortunately, Trendy is not trending. In fact, despite being named for a function that displays mass popularity, it's believed that Trendy is currently the only person in the world with the name.

While Trendy may be destined to a life of spelling out his name to disbelieving call center operators, things could be worse: Dad might have chosen to call him Hashtag or Twitpic.

FYI: @Dirtytackle is on Twitter. It might make you laugh, it might inspire you to give your kid a dumb name...

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